Cool Diamante

2007 16.2 h Imported KWPN Gelding

Dayano x Jazz

Asking $32K

Cool Diamante ("Dante") was previously listed on the market under Donadt Dressage, and was since leased out to a talented young rider in LA. Dante will be coming available for sale again soon as their lease comes to an end, when his rider heads off to Europe to train this summer. He is currently located and available to try at Middle Ranch in LA, or can seen showing 2nd Level at the upcoming Del Mar Nationals end of April.  

Located at Middle Ranch

Los Angeles, CA

For more information and videos, please contact:

Ashley Donadt

(425) 422-2024


Cool Diamante


2007 16.2h KWPN Gelding

Schooling 3rd Level

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"Often people say: my horse can't do dressage, and then tell me the reason why. He's too small, too old, the wrong breed, whatever the reason is.

What we must always remember is dressage is there for the horse, the horse is not there for dressage. Our way of training should add to the horse's health, wellbeing, happiness and overall quality of life. "

- Unknown