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At Donadt Dressage, it is my mission to provide compassionate, systematic training and instruction built

on a foundation of classical dressage principles, while running my business with complete

honesty and integrity.

With a focus on correct basics and bio-mechanics 

of both the horse and rider, I aim to bring out the best in each while building a harmonious relationship with the horse through patient and rewarding training. 

What does "a Boutique Training Program" mean?

In my program, I deliver a unique, individualized approach to each horse and rider. Not just in the training and instruction, but also in the day to day care and attention given to each horse. I believe this is just as important as the work being done under saddle, and is a vital aspect in building a better relationship and understanding with each horse. Prevention and attention to detail is key in keeping a healthy and happy horse.


Another aspect of this "boutique" program that I value is: quality over quantity. By keeping a smaller program, I'm able to ensure each horse and client receives the highest quality of care and focus they deserve, and you can expect I treat each horse as if it were my own.



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