Offering systematic and patient training and instruction in a fun and supportive environment for all levels of horses and riders, from Introductory Level to FEI.

With an emphasis on correct basics and effective, balanced harmonious riding, dressage can provide a solid foundation for every horse and rider - whether your goals are to build confidence in  your everyday riding or earn higher scores in the competition arena, Donadt Dressage can help you get there! 

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Full Training:  $800/month. 5 days/week. Individualized program may consist of  lessons, training rides, lunging, hacking, cavalettis, etc.

Haul Ins Welcome: $50 + $25 facility fee per lesson

Individual Lesson on a Schooling Horse: $80 per lesson 

Please Contact Ashley regarding available Board and Care services

Selah JRB is proudly offered for


Suitable for the beginner to advanced rider

The perfect horse for any dressage enthusiast!

$80 per lesson

What does "a Boutique Training Program" mean?

In my program, I deliver a unique, individualized approach to each horse and rider. Not just in the training and instruction, but also in the day to day care and attention given to each horse. I believe this is just as important as the work being done under saddle, and is a vital aspect in building a better relationship and understanding with each horse. Prevention and attention to detail is key in keeping a healthy and happy horse.

Another aspect of this "boutique" program that I value is: quality over quantity. By keeping a smaller program, I'm able to ensure each horse and client receives the highest quality of care and focus they deserve, and you can expect I treat each horse as if it were my own.

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