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I have known and followed Ashley for over 10 years and been her coach and mentor over the past 4 years. Her level of work ethic and professionalism is impeccable in addition to being a very talented rider and coach.


She has consistently proven to be a reliable, trustworthy and kind individual. Her reputation as a trainer and business owner is sure to be an asset to anyone who works with her.

Guenter Seidel
3x Olympic Medalist


My experience with Donadt Dressage has been nothing short of amazing. Having come from the east coast, the transition out west for me and my horse was not an easy one. My horse had become explosive, unpredictable, spooky and all around just not the horse I had grown to know and love. With Ashley’s guidance on training, ground manners and even supplements, my horse has completely turned around. Her intuitive nature coupled with her unwavering patience has really helped me and my horse grow in our partnership and get past some of our training roadblocks. Her gentle, yet no nonsense approach to training has translated into a more respectful, responsive horse that has shown some real progression in just a few short months. Her teaching and use of creative analogies will resonate with anyone to help you truly understand the dressage concepts and put them into practice. Not to mention, she and Evan’s work ethic and attention to detail is unmatched. Their humor and light heartedness makes navigating the ups and downs of horse ownership that much easier. I can rest easy that my horse is in the best hands and I am so excited to see what the future holds for me and my boy!

Jessica S.

There are few things in our modern, hectic lifestyle that promote such joy as ‘barn time’ and finding the right barn at which to spend our time can be daunting. I was lucky that I stumbled into Ashley and Donadt Dressage after hearing about her at the hunter/jumper barn where I
boarded. I had always wanted to learn dressage and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Ashley was extremely responsive and organized during the on-boarding process and made it so seamless. She was so patient and encouraging in those early lessons!


Dressage has been so rewarding because you are learning a finessed communication with your horse and the level of nuance that Ashley can convey during a lesson is incredible. It is her ability to articulate the almost imperceptible and guide the rider to their own understanding that makes each lesson such a learning experience. I completely appreciate and love how cerebral dressage is, but very importantly, Ashley still makes it so FUN!

Maureen B.


I have been riding for 19 years and currently own a Lusitano Gelding and we are training Prix St. George. I have been training with Ashley Donadt since January 2020. To begin, I was only with Ashley for a
couple of months when COVID hit and our barn closed for several weeks. I have never been away from my horse for that long and was so pleased with how she took care of him. It has just gotten better!  Ashley is a wonderful, caring, detailed trainer. She is informative and makes you understand not just how to ride but why you do the things you do to train yourself and the horse correctly. She always has
my horse’s best interest in mind and continually makes sure he is healthy, happy and is able to do the work we ask of him.

When I first came to Ashley, we were training Third Level. It has been a lovely journey these four years as Cayenne and I have become not only the best of friends but very close partners in Dressage. I believe
it is due to the meticulous way that Ashley trains us and how patient, kind and motivating she is during every lesson. It is amazing that during almost every lesson, I come away with one more tool in my tool
belt to improve my riding. I am amazed at our progress and can’t believe we are performing at Prix St. George Level. What a journey this has been and I am truly grateful for the insightful, well trained, loving, patient, and uplifting person that is Ashley Donadt!!

Colleen K.

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