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Are you interested in becoming more involved with High Performance International Dressage? Are you a breeder or owner looking to have your talented horse campaigned through the levels? Do you want to be a part of the process in developing a horse to FEI, or just want to be more involved in international dressage?

We would love to work with you and have you be a part of our team as we work towards these shared dreams.

Please click the link below to learn more about how you can get involved and support Team Donadt Dressage.


Below is a video of Ashley and Liberty's debut performance of their musical freestyle, which received a 74.375%. The dressage freestyle is one of the most exciting parts of dressage. Dressage freestyles, similar to freestyles in figure skating, incorporate compulsory figures into a test choreographed to music specifically chosen by the rider to have a "feeling" they present to the public. Enjoy!

Another highlight of Ashley's dressage career was competing Anna Buffini's, Sundayboy, in the Grand Prix in 2020, to receive a score of 69.13%. 

In Dressage events, riders compete by executing a series of tests in a ring marked with different letters of the alphabet at key spots. Each test requires a unique combination of movements performed from one letter to another in a pattern. The end result is often said to look like ballet on horseback. The tests become increasingly more difficult as the tiers of competition increase, culminating in the Grand Prix, the highest level of dressage. The Grand Prix tests are what spectators see at the Olympic Games and other major international competitions.


To learn more about the sport of Dressage, please visit the following resources:





Thank You!

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